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Thanksgiving 3‐Gun Challenge

WHERE: Wallkill Rod & Gun Club
316 Bryun Turnpike
Wallkill, NY 12589


WHEN: Sunday, November 26th 10:00 a.m. – dark

OVERVIEW: On Sunday, November 26, 2023,Wallkill Rod & Gun Club will be holding our eleventh annual Thanksgiving 3‐Gun Challenge. The challenge is a single stage competition that requires no previous 3‐Gun experience, no rig (holster, magazine pouches) and no running shoes. The event will be run “side match” style; all from a table. It will be beginner friendly and fun for shooters ofall ages and experience levels. This will be one last chance to blow the carbon out of your guns before winter. This will also be a chance to try out some new guns or gear before the 2023 action shooting season ramps up. A

COURSE OF FIRE: Targets will consist of steel and paper at various distances and one wood target that must be engaged with a tomahawk (provided). Long guns will start in front of you on the table. Handguns can start holstered or from table. Reloads can be from a belt or table. At the whistle competitors will engage all targets. Fastest time after penalties wins.

COST: The Challenge will run from 10am – dark. You may shoot as often as time permits. Registration will cost $20 and each addiitional run will cost $10 (total cost for one run will be $20, two runs $30, three $40 and so on).

AWARDS: Awards will be cash paid out via USPS after the match. Awards will be distributed via Lewis Class. Number of classes and pay spots to be determined based on participation. Slowest time of the day will be awarded a frozen turkey. Please, no sandbagging for the turkey!

EQUIPMENT: Participants will need three firearms; any safe 12 or 20 gauge shotgun, any safe center fire rifle (.308 Win or smaller)
and any safe center fire handgun. Don’t forget ammo for the three firearms! ABSOLUTELY NO STEEL CORE AMMO! Eye and ear protection is mandatory for this event. While any safe center fire firearms may be used, remember this is a speed challenge when choosing your firearms! Sharing is permitted. Magazine capacity will be limited to 10 rounds for all shooters.

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