Scheduled events are generally open to the public.

Individual Range use is limited to members and guests.

1) Five Stand: We have two regulation trap fields for member and guest use. One house contains a wobble trap. We have also installed five stand sporting clays on one field. The field has lights for night shooting. Leagues are usually run in spring through summer. Trap is open every Sunday at 10 A.M. and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 P.M. (weather permitting). PUBLIC WELCOME.

2) Sporting Clays: In addition to the trap field, we have a unique sporting clays course. Occassionally the setup is changed to preserve the challenge of this fast growing shooting sport. Like trap, the sporting clays course is open every Sunday at 10 A.M. (weather permitting). In the warm months there is generally shooting on Wednesday evenings. PUBLIC WELCOME. Contact: Harry McLaughlin | Phone:(845)778-2864

3) Rifle Range: Our rifle range has many covered firing benches for shooting up to 100 yards. Additionally, we have a bench for shooting out to 240 yards. The range gets quite a work out with the numerous activities we run. During the spring/summer season, bench rest events are held for 22 rimfire and centerfire rifles. Also, during the warm months, several types of casual pistol competitions are held. During the winter, a 22 rimfire
off-hand league is run on Friday evenings. This is an extremely popular event and we have had as many as 96 shooters including women and youth competitors. Additionally, we run a youth program during the warmer months. Participation in all these events has been terrific. This is
usually in the spring so keep checking our site. We participate in the
Civilian Markmanship Program (formally Department of Civilian
Marksmanship). We have purchased M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and
Remington 22 target rifles for use in our programs. The “Garand” shoot has become an annual activity. We have recently introduced 3 gun
events and these are proving popular. Contact Frank Reiss for shoot info at (845) 895-9107. Several club members are “Distinquished Shooters”

Find out what it means to be a DISTINGUISHED shooter.

4) Pistol Range: The pistol range is adjacent to the rifle range with targets out to 50 yards. During the cold months the range is heated during events. This is where the 22 off-hand league is shot from. Various disciplines are shot for fun during the year.

5) Archery Range: The archery range is located in the woods behind the club house. Some 3D targets are left out for the members to use to
sharpen their skill. At least one 3D shoot is held every year. In the
warmer months, a group usually shoots for fun on Wednesday evenings.
The archer here is the late Max Holt. He was a great guy,
a great sportsman, and a great club member. He will never be forgotten.